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Comandos úteis para o Plesk windows

Plesk Binaries

Located in the %plesk_bin% directory

1) websrvmng.exe

To install hosting for a domain

websrvmng.exe --install-vhost --vhost-name=<domain name>

To remove hosting for a domain

websrvmng.exe --remove-vhost --vhost-name=<domain name>

To reconfigure hosting for a domain

websrvmng.exe --reconfigure-vhost --vhost-name=<domain name>

To reconfigure a subdomain

websrvmng.exe  --update-subdomain --vhost-name=<domain name> --subdomain=<subdomain>

Passwords for system user and IIS user can be unsynchronized or synchronised using

websrvmng.exe  --update-anon-password --domain-name=<domain name>

To reconfigure webmail

websrvmng.exe  --reconfigure-webmail
defpackagemng.exe" --fix --type=webmail

2) mchk.exe

To Reset server-wide and domain’s mail settings forcefully

mchk.exe --all --fix-all

To Check and restore mail settings for a domain defined

mchk.exe --domain

To Check and restore only server-wide mail settings

mchk.exe --global-settings

3) protdir.exe

protdir.exe --create Protected_Dir -domain -add_user MyGuest -passwd "MyPass"

To set a password for the user of a web-protected directory:

protdir.exe --update Protected_Sample -domain -update_user johndoe -passwd Password1

To remove protected directory user:

protdir.exe --update Protected_Dir -remove_user johndoe

4) Subdomain.exe

subdomain.exe --create subdomain2 -domain -hard_quota 50 -ssi true

To remove from domain:

subdomain.exe --remove subdomain1 -domain

To change the existing subdomain name to the new one –

subdomain.exe --update subdomain1 -domain -new_name subdomain1_new

To enable FrontPage support for

subdomain.exe --update subdomain1 -domain -fp true

To retrieve information on

subdomain.exe --info subdomain1 -domain

5) domain.exe

domain.exe --create -clogin John_Doe -dom_user false -www true -hosting true -ip -cgi true -notify false

To retrieve domain information:

domain.exe --info

To rename domain to domain:

domain.exe --update -new_name

To enable domain user account with password “somepass” for domain:

domain.exe --update -dom_user true -du_passwd somepass

To set name for domain user of a domain to “John”:

domain.exe --update -du_pname "John"

To enable hosting for domain:

domain.exe --update -hosting true

6) plesksrvmng.exe

To reset the password for admin control panel


To get the existing password for the admin control panel

plesksrvmng.exe -get

7) statistics.exe

Updates the statistics for all domains on the server

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