OpenSolaris 2008.11 Released


Vou replicar a nota oficial do lançamento do OpenSolaris 2008.11:

OpenSolaris 2008.11 has been released. In addition to improvements in ZFS, DTrace, IPS (the new OpenSolaris package manager) and the other OpenSolaris specialties, it also ships with a host of other OSS goodies: Gnome 2.24, Firefox 3, CherryPy, MySQL, DTrace for Ruby and many more. This new release targets developers and desktop users as well as traditional server roles. Download the live cd and give it a spin. Release notes here.

Ubuntu vs OpenSolaris vs FreeBSD -> Escolha seu vencedor!


Rapaz, confesso que apesar de Beta test isso demonstrou que o Ubuntu está indo muito bem na jornada Linux.
Foi publicado um benchmark entre os sistemas operacionais Ubuntu, OpenSolaris e FreeBSD, confira no link abaixo o “vencedor beta”: